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Resume Submittal

Phantom Eagle, Inc utilizes services such as and for the advertisement of our positions.  Once you enter the website, simply enter the Job Title, Skills, Company, and City,State or Zip Code of the location and the site will provide you information on the position you are looking for.   The Keyword search field supports Boolean operators like AND, OR, and AND NOT. For better results, use quotes around keywords or phrases to be searched.


Resume Submittal

You may submit a resume to Phantom Eagle, Inc without specifying a particular job. However, applying specifically for one or more positions ensures prompt review and consideration, because your resume is sent within hours to the recruiter responsible for that position.


Resumes submitted by other means will be acknowledged by email. Your profile and resume will remain active in our system—which is regularly searched by Phantom Eagle recruiters—so you may be considered for future openings that match your qualifications. However, if you desire, we will honor your request for removal from further consideration.


Resumes submitted via email should be sent to Phantom Eagle Inc. Human Resources:  Please ensure that your resume includes contact information (e.g. Name, Phone Number, Email, Job Post Number and Title, as well as your Mailing Address at a minimum) for appropriate HR handling.

If you have specific questions about Phantom Eagle, Inc, our benefits or specific openings, please feel free to contact our HR representative using the form attached below.