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Phantom Eagle Hiring Process

Welcome to the employment site for Phantom Eagle, Inc. If you are thinking about applying, this page will answer many of your questions about the process.



From application to hiring decision, our employment process can take from three days to three weeks. Because the timing can be unpredictable, you should let your HR recruiter know about any factors affecting your availability. If you have questions prior to being contacted by HR, you can use the "contact us" link at the bottom of our Web page. Candidates who get to the interview stage will be notified if the position is filled by another applicant.


Preliminary Screening

A designated recruiter reviews the qualifications of all candidates seeking consideration for a position and forwards the resumes of the most appropriately qualified candidates to the hiring manager. The hiring manager selects the candidates to be interviewed.


Phone Screening

To help align your interests with our opportunities, a Phantom Eagle representative may call you to ask for additional information, such as depth of technical/professional knowledge, availability for interviews, interest in relocation, salary expectations, etc.


Scheduling an interview

When a hiring manager asks to meet you, they will call to arrange a time. If you live far from our facilities, we will make arrangements for a virtual interview. If there's time before your visit, we will send you an information packet, which will include detailed directions and an official employment application to complete and bring with you.



When you arrive for your interview, the recruiter will greet you, discuss your application, explain the schedule for your visit, and answer any questions. Different departments have different practices, but you can expect to have one individual meeting with department representatives. You will have the chance to share your detailed qualifications and learn more about Phantom Eagle and our work. Sometimes we need to ask a candidate back for additional interviews before making a final decision.


Background checks

If we're considering offering you a job, we will conduct a background check that verifies your Social Security Number and conducts a criminal and driving records check. (When you applied, we asked you to sign a form authorizing this check.) If no adverse information is reported—which typically takes three to five days—we will proceed to make an offer.



If you're selected for the position and the background check is satisfactory, a Phantom Eagle hiring authority will convey a formal offer. The offer package will include starting salary and a summary of benefits. Normally we would expect your decision within a week.


Hire and orientation

After you accept the offer, we will discuss and determine your start date and appropriate in-processing date. Based on your location, these orientations may be virtual, but we try to ensure that they are face to face whenever possible.